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Leafly Canada holiday gift guide 2021

· Nov 19, 2021
Welcome to the Leafly Canada holiday gift guide for 2021. This list is carefully curated based on personal favourites, Leafly data, and consumer surveys.There is a little somethin ...

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All I want for Christmas is WEED.

Welcome to the Leafly Canada holiday gift guide for 2021. This list is carefully curated based on personal favourites, Leafly data, and consumer surveys.

There is a little something for everyone, from the best of craft cannabis to this year’s must-have accessories. Pandemic life is hard enough, so let’s make shopping easy. (And Santa won’t tell if you stash a little something for yourself.)

Potency: THC, 19-25%, CBD, 0-1%

Terpenes: Pinene, caryophyllene, humulene, limonene, linalool

MAC 1 is a pheno-hunted unicorn that Carmel Cannabis carefully bred until they were satisfied. As a result of their first in-house breeding program, MAC 1 is sweet and citrusy with a touch of diesel. The nugs are a perfect blend of green, lavender, and frosty trichomes. MAC 1 is full of terpenes and is hand-trimmed, slow-cured, and hand-packaged to make this bud extra special.

Potency: THC, 21-27%, CBD, 0-1%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, ocimene, terpinolene

Sage n’ Sour from MTL Cannabis is an earthy and spicy mix of flavour and aroma. This terpene-rich cultivar is a cross between Sour Diesel and S.A.G.E., featuring 1% of rare cannabinoid CBG. Sage n’ Sour is full of pungent, gassy diesel notes, and peppery, citrus, and cedar undertones.

Potency: THC 21-27%, CBD, 0-1%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, farnesene, limonene

Acai Berry Gelato by Dunn Cannabis is a sativa-dominant strain from the Gelato family. This sweet treat has a rich terpene profile, giving off distinct notes of tropical fruit and citrus. The dense nugs have prominent deep green and purple hues and are covered in crystal-like trichomes.

Potency: THC, 20-27%, CBD, 0-1%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, humulene, limonene, linalool, myrcene

Nova Glue is a Canadian spin on Pennywise, a hybrid of Jack the Ripper and Harlequin. The bright and sticky nugs have a sweet and woodsy scent with peppery and citrus undertones. MSIKU hang dries and hand trims their cannabis to preserve the plant’s aromas and flavours.

Potency: THC, 27-31%, CBD, 0-1%

Terpenes: Terpinolene, ocimene, myrcene, limonene

Lilac Diesel by OrganniCraft is grown in the Okanagan and bred by Ethos Genetics. This cultivar is like a sweet bowl of tropical fruit that finishes with a rush of diesel, pine, and earthy notes. Lilac Diesel has over 4% terpene content, offering a robust bouquet true to craft cannabis.

Potency: THC, 83 – 91%

Terpenes: Pinene, caryophyllene, ocimene, cymene

SLK Live Resin vapes are made with the same quality of cannabis as their Terp Slush dab products (no weed scraps here). Greybeard extracts are made from sun-grown cannabis in Simcoe, Ontario.

Harvested buds are then flash-frozen to retain the natural terpenes—twice the terps of CO2 extraction. This isn’t an inexpensive option, but the true cannabis flavour and quality inputs make it the perfect gift.

Potency: THC, 83%Terpenes: Terpinolene, caryophyllene, myrcene

BZAM’s Magic Melon vape cartridge is a sweet and fruity sativa-dominant hybrid that packs quite a punch. The smoke is smooth and creamy, packed with flavour and THC. True to its name, the cartridge smells and tastes like a sweet melon, as well as berry, sour, and tropical notes from a custom blend of natural terpenes.

Potency: THC 80-85%, CBD 0-1%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene

I am not typically a fan of botanical terpene mixes in extracts, but Thin Mint Kush from Feather is an exception to the rule. The smooth smoke feels reminiscent of an After Eight treat, with the chocolate and mint making it an excellent aperitif.

Potency: THC, 85-90%

Terpenes: Farnesene

Black Cherry Punch from Kolab Project is filled with terp sauce and distillate, another example of quality inputs influencing flavour and potency. The 232 Series vapes are made from small-batch cannabis that is flash-frozen to preserve the natural characteristics of Black Cherry Punch. Just like the strain, this product packs quite the hit balanced by fruity undertones.

Potency: THC, 64-70%, CBD, 0-2%

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about our Pax people! Lemonberry Haze Live Rosin by Avana is single-input live rosin. From soil to oil, Avana carefully cultivates sun-grown cannabis and flash-freezes it to preserve the plant’s natural bouquet. The trichomes are carefully taken off the plant and pressed into rosin. For optimal flavour and performance, Pax recommends setting your device to 520°F.

*promoted by our partners at Daily Special

Potency: THC, 80%, CBD, 0-3%

This limited-edition Cranberry Sauce vape cart from Daily Special is hot and fresh for the holidays with THC potency that packs a punch. The festive cranberry flavour is sure to be a crowd-pleaser around the holidays, and the simple 1g 510 vape cart format and value price seal the deal for this being a no-brainer gift to add to your shopping list.

Potency: THC, 16-22%

Terpenes: Humulene, caryophyllene, cedrene, limonene, linalool

Pack size: 10 x 0.35g

B40s by Back Forty are the second product to feature machine-rolled slim joints. Consumers enjoy the convenience and simplicity of a cigarette-style pre-roll. Animal Mints B40s have 2.5% total terpenes and offer a sweet and minty experience. Pre-rolls are sometimes called the hot dogs of weed, but these joints are packed full of high-quality, pungent, and delicious cannabis.

Potency: THC, 18-22%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, linalool, myrcene, nerolidol, pinene

Pack size: 0.5g, available in packs of 6, 12, 18, and 24

Blue Dream pre-rolls from Station House are made from single-strain whole flower. The sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of Blueberry and Haze. These machine-rolled joints are packed for the perfect burn. Blue Dream offers crisp, fresh, and energizing aromas of berries, citrus, and herbs.

Potency: THC, 18 – 24%

Pack size: 14 x 0.5g

There is something about Shred that has caught the interest of the consumer market. I’ll admit, I was skeptical about pre-milled weed but it’s actually pretty good. They never use shake, but they do use multiple cultivars to create these tropical pre-rolls. This budget-friendly brand offers 14 joints to a pack, making it quite the bang for your buck.

Potency: THC, 21-25%

Terpenes: Terpinolene, myrcene, limonene, beta-pinene, ocimene

Pack size: 3 x 0.5g

Reef’s High Seas is taking its name seriously by offering a higher THC version of their Ghost Train Haze. Their pre-rolls are just as good as their dried flower, packed full of terpenes and so sticky they leave resinous oil on the paper.

High Seas’ aroma is fresh and earthy, with a citrus kick. Reef cannabis is grown in organic, living soil, with no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It’s hand-finished, certified green, and never irradiated.

Potency: THC, 21-26%

Terpenes: Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, limonene

Pack size: 3 x 0.5g

Cherry Jam J’s by Wagners feel festive with their sweet cherry and skunky Christmas cake aroma. The smoke itself is smooth and flavourful, with a generous terpene profile and cannabinoid content. Cherry Jam J’s deliver a balanced experience, toeing the line perfectly between indica and sativa.

*promoted by our partners at AHLOT

Potency: (Ksmorz) THC, 22-28%, CBD, 0-1.99%, (Dos-Z-Dos) THC, 19-25%, CBD, 0-1.99%

Terpenes: (Ksmorz) caryophyllene, limonene, farnesene, myrcene. (Dos-Z-Dos) caryophyllene, limonene, humelene, linalool

Pack size: 12 x 0.25g (in an advent-style calendar)

Canada’s first legal, cannabis advent-style calendar is here with “12 Js for the Holidays,” presented by THINKER x AHLOT. Featuring 12 x 0.25g pre-rolls hand-crafted with 100% whole flower, the custom-designed cardboard advent-style calendars have 12 windows that each include an “ON” or “OFF” pre-roll.

Pick your pre-roll to turn your thoughts ON + OFF during the holiday season—“ON” pre-rolls feature Ksmorz, a potent sativa with dark chocolate and graham cracker notes, and “OFF” pre-rolls feature Dos-Z-Dos, a potent indica curated for its sedative effects.

Potency: THC, 5mg, CBD, 5mg each (2 per pack)

Fritz’s Raspberry Lemonade Gummies bring together a splash of sweet, fresh raspberry, and tart citrus, in a refreshing chew. They have a supple yet chewy texture and a sour sugar coating. Each gummy contains a one-to-one ratio of THC to CBD. Fritz’s edibles are handcrafted in small batches for a clean taste and delightful experience.

Potency: CBD, 10mg each (Pack of 30)

DynaThrive knows their gummies. This brand was among the first I tried that had that actual gummy texture instead of a sugar-coated hockey puck. The Apple Cider chews are 30 to a package and made with CBD isolate so they are THC-free. These apple booty-shaped treats are made with Canadian apple juice and real apple cider vinegar, giving them a deliciously tart, juicy apple taste with a crisp finish.

Potency: THC, 10mg

Just like mom used to make (I wish)! Slowride Bakery has made a holiday treat for us all: a vanilla sugar cookie with festive sprinkles. It has the classic look and flavour of frosted sugar cookies and no weed aftertaste. Their edible infusions are made in small batches with cannabis distillate and are legitimately tasty.

Potency: THC 37-45%

BC Organic Apple Toffee Hash by Simply Bare is single strain and hand-pressed. A cross of Jungle Apple and Crème Brulee, this indica-dominant hybrid is sun-grown in living soil before being harvested and cured. The earthy brown hash is FVOPA Organic certified and has a kushy and fruity aroma that leaves you thinking about caramel apples.

Potency: THC, 68-76%, CBD, 0-2%

White Widow Shatter is a testament to the hard-working folks at Shatterizer Extracts and lives up to the strain’s historic roots. It reminds me of legacy market shatter that can be bent and manipulated.

This shatter can snap as it should, but it can also be rolled into a ball or ribbon for DIY-infused joints. They have perfected their extraction process to preserve trichomes, terpenes, and flavours.

Potency: THC, 63-71%, CBD, 0-2%

Purple Hills Live Resin is one of those extracts where you start to salivate as soon as you bust through the child-proof packaging. Lemon Pepper Badder is a mixture of sour citrus and spice, with haze undertones.

Purple Hills is a small but mighty cultivator, hand-tending to cannabis crops and practicing sustainable agriculture. Quality inputs beget quality extracts, and Lemon Pepper live resin badder is incredible no matter how you dab it.

Potency: THC, 10mg

Bhang THC Candy Cane White Chocolate is the perfect pairing of gourmet white chocolate and THC. The bar has 10mg THC total and can be easily broken into four pieces for those who want a lower dose. Bhang chocolate is made with eco-consciously sourced cacao and produced by a European-trained chocolatier.

Potency: THC, 10mg

It wasn’t even a week after I publicly wished for an infused hot chocolate that Malahat Mountain delivered. Their THC Hash Hot Chocolate Mix is brand new to the market and just in time to help me get through the holidays.

They infuse the hot chocolate powder with a solventless THC concentrate that is hash-derived. The result is a super creamy, rich, and decadent treat perfect for a Canadian winter.

Potency: THC, 5mg (pack of 2)

Aurora Drift has created a limited-edition holiday item that is a perfect, adults-only stocking stuffer. They describe the festive flavour as minty but sweet—reminiscent of a candy cane. Each pack comes with two Canna Cane mints (I hear they also make an excellent post-meal aperitif).

Potency: THC, 5mg, CBD, 5mg (2 per pack)

Blissed 1:1 Chocolate Truffles are ganache-filled dark chocolates that offer a luxurious and smoke-free way to consume cannabis. The truffles are developed by chocolatiers with over 25 years of experience, and boy does it taste like it.

Unlike some edibles that taste like dollar store chocolate, this product is like something you’d get on the Champs-Élysées. Made with sustainably-sourced, single-origin cocoa, each truffle is infused with cannabis extract for a smooth chocolatey taste.

*promoted by our partners at Pure Sunfarms

Potency: THC, 2.5mg (4 per pack)

Pure Sunfarms soft chews make for a delightful holiday treat and are perfect for cozy gatherings. These premium, delicious cannabis-infused gummies are plant-based and made with real fruit puree. Each gummy features 2.5mg of THC, tailored for those seeking a spotlight on THC. Available in packs of four.

I love Medtainers for day trips—you have a grinder, stash jar, and doob tube all in one. I just toss in a nug or two and hit the road. These High Variety containers from Superette playfully named the three colours ketchup, mustard, and relish. The air-tight storage gives you a smell-proof seal, so feel free to toss your roaches in without stinking up your clothes.

This coconut candle by Eco Four Twenty is for folks looking to deodourize a room without a lot of heavy fragrances. These eco-friendly candles are handcrafted using coconut-soy wax and natural aroma fragrance oils, and feature a wooden wick that crackles when it burns. The candle is in a literal coconut, which gives off the most pleasant, nutty fragrance.

Pure Sunfarms doesn’t just grow awesome weed, they also offer a carefully curated marketplace that supports local artisans. This Grower’s Hand Soap is a duo effort between PSF and BC-based Nectrous Botanicals.

Made from a blend of pure plant oils, fresh balsam fir, bright lemongrass, and sweet bergamot, aromas seep out of the lather to fill the room. It contains no sulphates, parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.

Did you know that unicorns kill more people every year than cannabis? Well, truthfully they are both tied at zero. This classic mug comes in two sizes, 11oz and 15oz, and is custom printed. Give the gift of a playful mug adorned with a very important unicorn PSA, and fill it with some hash hot chocolate.

This year, set a date with Merry Jane under the mistletoe with a holiday card they really want. Kush Kards have a variety of festive and fun gift cards that come in two varieties. The KushKard version has a placeholder for a pre-roll or the one-hitter version, which has a holiday one-hitter attached.

The Blazy Susan takes a spin on the classic Lazy Susan and makes it a stoner dream. It’s a spinning rolling tray that has a series of compartments perfect for your papers, lighters, grinder, dab rig, and more. The coloured dab pad and silicone inserts are customizable, available in a variety of colours. This version of the Blazy Susan is made with high-quality birch and fine Italian varnish, designed and built in Colorado.

There is something about being able to see your freshly ground bud as it falls. The acrylic window lets you peek-a-boo your cannabis as it grinds. Tokyo Smoke adds a modern look to the classic grinder with a black matte finish. The great thing about a 4-piece grinder is the built-in kief collector and scraper to catch all that trichomey goodness.

I cannot stress enough how long this ashtray lasts; mine is currently four years old (and still looks brand new). The Poke a Bowl is made of heat-resistant silicone—I stub my joints out on the dome and it has never damaged the plastic. The lid closes snuggly to trap odours and keep pets safe.

Ash slides right out of it, the cork bottom prevents sliding, and it’s water-resistant for litter-free camping sessions. Poke a Bowl offers free shipping to the US and Canada, with a satisfaction guarantee for risk-free gifting.

These all-natural, organic, pre-roll blunts are truly unique. The stunning hand roll, flawless leaves, and reusable bamboo mouthpiece make this a visually stunning and practical gift. The blunts are made with organically-farmed cacao leaves which are nicotine, tobacco and adhesive-free. They burn slow, have a delicious flavour that complements your bud, and fit about 0.7g of flower.

If you are as sick of loose vape carts as I am, consider trying the TOQi 510 cartridge holder. It’s minimalistic and chic, available in silver and gold. Not only does it help keep up to six carts organized, it also protects them from UV exposure that degrade cannabinoids over time. Vape cartridges are stored upright, which helps with leaks and clogging so they’re ready to go when you want them.

The OG Otto is an all-in-one tool that grinds, fills, and rolls cannabis with the press of a button. It comes in black, or if you have a little extra money, the metallic series offers gold, red, and blue as well. The device comes with an accessories box with a measuring cup, adapter base, fresh seal tube, a 4-in-1 tool, snap cap, and a micro USB charging cord.

It can be pretty hit or miss with automatic grinders—they’re often not meant for cannabis and can beat up your bud. The Otto by Bananas Bros has created a mill with blades that automatically adjust in pressure, speed and direction, providing the perfect grind every time.

My Bud Vase makes stunning artisanal bongs that you aren’t afraid to show off to your social circle. The Stardust is a piece of art with a thick textured glass decanter that features hand-painted gold detailing and a matching stopper.

This piece is everything you’re looking for in a decorative and functional bong to add sparkle to your festivities. It includes a large, clear, bubble bowl and ivory pearl anemone flower poker.

The Peak Pro completely changed the way I do dabs. The tech is accessible, easy to use, and has multiple settings for a customizable experience. Basically a high-tech bong for concentrates, this device heats extracts to your choice of temperature. With the push of a button or the swipe of an app, you get the perfect dab for you.

For the beginner, it’s the most efficient and simple way to experience the magic of concentrates. For the connoisseur, it offers customization and control to give the exact experience you’re looking for. Puffco also has loads of accessories like coloured glass, an electric hot knife, and travel glass.

The Levo II is a simple and relatively mess-free way to make cannabis-infused oils, butter, honey, topicals, and more. The device aims to “take the confusion out of infusion” by combining technology and ease. The Levo requires no emulsifiers, solvents, or additives, so you get the purest infusion every time.

The Levo II isn’t smell-proof but thanks to internal decarboxylation, it is way less stinky than its DIY counterparts. The app helps walk you through the time, temperature presets, and can even start your Levo from afar. Think of it like a crockpot for infusions: set it up before work and start it remotely so it’s ready when you get home.

The Levo II comes in licorice black, pacific blue, garden green, honey cream, and festive paprika red. If gifting the whole machine, which is about the size of a coffee maker, is too pricey, they also have a ton of accessories to choose from, including a cookbook, sealable cube trays, gummy kits, and all sorts of add-ons.

*promoted by our partners at PAX

The PAX 3 is a dual-use powerhouse that gets rave reviews from folks who don’t want to sacrifice portability to get precise temperature control for both dry herb and concentrates. PAX 3 uses intelligent heat-up technology to deliver strong, pure flavour in seconds.

The ability to sync with the PAX® App for an extra level of personalization in setting your session preferences, a 10-year limited warranty, long-lasting battery, and a stylish selection of colours to choose from put the PAX 3 over the top as a gift that keeps on giving.

Ashley Keenan is the Canada editor at Leafly, as well as a freelance journalist, consultant, and patient advocate in the cannabis industry. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @askcannaqueen for hot takes on cannabis and chronic illness.