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Jennifer Lawrence had a puff or two before filming movie scene with icon Meryl Streep

Nov 22, 2021
According to Koimoi, Lawrence spilled the beans that she topped up with some weed before a scene with the ever-lofty Streep while filming Don’t Look Up. The exquisite beauty and power ...

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What happens when one Academy Award winner, Jennifer Lawrence, acts with perennial Oscar favourite and three-time victor Meryl Streep? The former, known for a weirdly refreshing amalgam of plain-speaking sarcasm, opts to get high.

According to Koimoi, Lawrence spilled the beans that she topped up with some weed before a scene with the ever-lofty Streep while filming Don’t Look Up.

The exquisite beauty and powerhouse talent has been none-too-shy about sharing life’s little mishaps in a decidedly un-Hollywood way. Of course, it’s tough not to when Lawrence had to look down, not up, in 2013, while making her way to the stage to accept the Best Actress Oscar for her turn in Silver Linings Playbook.

That’s when Lawrence, beaming in a gorgeous, oh-so-Hollywood gown, tripped less triumphantly on the stairs to the stage. Not to be outdone, she also tripped the next year at the Oscars while emerging from her limo onto the red carpet, shows footage released by HollyWire. Still looking fab, however, Lawrence can be seen laughing it off.

While hosting the Academy Awards, Ellen DeGeneres offered the fix: “If you win tonight, I think we should bring you the Oscar.

Lawrence didn’t manage to snag the top Best Supporting prize for American Hustle, though, so no hand deliveries were necessary.

Who knows what Lawrence’s state of mind was during her trippy Oscar events, but HollyWire does report she has attended the big night under the influence and did fight with another woman at DeGeneres’ party after smoking weed.

The big bout was detailed during the Howard Stern Show when Lawrence said she freaked and started fighting with a woman over a Port-a-Potty, The Fresh Toast reported last year.

Back on the set of Don’t Look Up, directed by Adam McKay, it may have made sense for Lawrence to partake before performing. Indeed, her character is a Ph.D. candidate who discovers that a planet-killing comet is quickly coming Earth’s way. Understandably stressed, she uses weed in a bid to calm her nerves.

Per Yahoo Entertainment, Lawrence and McKay were doing a Q&A about the movie when the director offered an example of Lawrence’s dedication to her craft. “You were not pregnant,” McKay said of Lawrence, who at the time was expecting her first child with husband Cooke Maroney. Asking her, “Can I say this?” Lawrence responded, “I think so. Just nobody tell my mother-in-law. Because my character was getting high in the movie.”

While filming, Lawrence had asked McKay if he was going to make her do some improv, but he suggested, “‘No, you can get high.’” And that’s what she did.

Lawrence recalls how Jonah Hill, no stranger to weed-infused movie fare like Superbad and Knocked Up, teased her that co-star Mark Rylance was upset with her for the uplifting bit of method acting.

ET Canada reports the teasing turned out to be a bit of sport for non-stoned players who would use her altered state to mess with her and see if anything stuck. “Everyone was f****** with me… I guess because I was high. Easy to f*** with,” she reportedly said.

If two Academy Award winners are not enough to draw viewing attention, take note that the Don’t Look Up stellar cast also includes Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett.

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