The MISHMASH FLÃœT LÃœNCHBOX Makes It Easier Than Ever To Get Roasted In Seconds

High Times
Fri, Jun 2

The FLÜT LÜNCHBOX,” is a two-piece vaporizer with a circular base and a glass chamber into which vapor is deposited for consumption. The kit comes in two different varieties that differ by the shape of the chamber. One is black and shaped like a small vase and the other is turquoise, shaped like a sippy cup. On that note, I don’t think it’s actually possible to be more discreet than a sippy cup-shaped piece. I mean, genuinely if I didn’t know what it was I would think it was an electronic coffee cup warmer. If you have your own office or even your own cubicle where you don’t fall under too much direct visual scrutiny you can totally get roasted on the clock all day long without that coward snitch Todd running off to HR about it, but I digress. 

The FLÜT LÜNCHBOX comes with a quartz nail and a ceramic nail for dabbing which both use a 510 thread attachment. This means you can also take virtually any other vaping accessory on the market and attach it to your FLÜT instead of the provided nails should you so choose. Cartridges in particular are fun to use because this is, right hand to God, the only way I’ve ever gotten a decent hit out of a cartridge. I’m not sure why they all suck, I’m not a cartridge guy typically, but they all suck. With the FLÜT, however, it milks the living shit out of a cartridge so you get a giant rip. My tolerance is through the roof (I challenge any rapper on Earth to out-smoke me anywhere, anytime. I’ll get on a flight right now I don’t care) and one or two full cups of cartridge vapor was enough to pretty much wreck me. When taking traditional dabs the rip is very quick and very potent. 

The real magic of this device is the discretion factor. Call it a novelty, whatever, I think the cup thing is funny and the turquoise version comes with a “Mutant Ape Yacht Club” NFT adornment just in case you’d like a constant reminder of all the money you lost every time you take a dab. I don’t give a wet fart about NFT’s but the ape looks kinda cool I suppose. Something about staring him right in the eyes while I’m positively melting from a rip is a bit unsettling but I suppose no one is forcing me to do that.

In the interest of proving this is not just a fluff piece and I take my job as a weed snob very seriously, it is worth noting that the taste of my hash rosin was not quite as good with the nails provided as with comparable, albeit much more expensive products. That’s not to say it was bad, just not as good as a torch and nail or my daily drivers that I spent almost twice as much money on. Another important factor to mention is the FLÜT feeds vapor into the cup in a similar fashion to a gravity bong. This makes for a VERY potent rip as anyone who has ever used an old-school gravity bong can attest to and therefore, the taste factor is going to suffer a bit as a result. But I like the discretion factor. I like that it’s a dry piece. I like that the parts are light, durable and easy to clean. But I really like that they didn’t keep it proprietary to MISHMASH attachments so if you want to go buy a nail that makes your dabs taste better you can do that and still keep the cool sippy cup in your car so you don’t look as guilty when the cops pull you over for waiting for the stop sign to turn green. 

What I like most about the FLÜT is that it’s quick. When I’m at work I have 15 minutes max to take a smoke break and I have to drive far away from the office to do it. I work in cannabis so it’s not like anyone’s gonna be mad at me for being high but I, like most people, am generally just busy throughout my day so cutting down on the time it takes me to get ripped is always helpful. 

When I smoke a joint, I need a king-size paper filled with about an eighth of flower to feel it so from the time I start rolling to the time I’m done smoking it’s like a half-hour minimum. With traditional torch and nail dabbing it’s a five to 10-minute process which isn’t bad but normally I like to take two dabs and when I’m in my car it’s time-consuming to let the nail cool down enough to store it in my center console again, not to mention glass is fragile and I’m clumsy so I end up breaking nails and rigs all the time. With the MISHMASH FLÜT, it’s a two-minute process from start to finish, the finish being the point where I’m done smoking, high enough, and everything’s put away. 

It’s even quicker if you’re using a cartridge because you can leave the cartridge in the base and then all you have to do is press a button and the cup is filled with vapor in 30 seconds. I know there are a lot of productive stoners out there who would be more effective if they could get higher in a shorter amount of time. As something of a productive stoner myself, this thing has been a godsend since my youngest son was born. My fellow parents know all too well that it’s near impossible to get enough time away from a newborn to get properly medicated. I literally had to stop writing this review for a few minutes just now because my son can’t keep his pacifier in his mouth. Knowing I can step into my office and walk out 30 seconds later fully caked is very comforting to me in this time of great pain and little sleep. 

I also like that the FLÜT is easy to clean. The vapor chambers are made of glass with protective silicone pieces, both of which can be very easily hand washed. The base stays pretty clean on its own because of the way the vapor was designed to flow into the chamber. As someone who washes his pieces every other day if not daily, the way the FLÜT comes apart for cleaning makes for a 10-minute process max if you’re using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol. 

Overall, the MISHMASH FLÜT LÜNCHBOX has a little something for every type of smoker I’d say, at least every kind of heavy smoker because the rip is pretty milky no matter what type of concentrate you’re using. I’m a heavy smoker and the low setting smoked me pretty easily. You can hit the button while it’s heating up and it’ll stop at any point you want but do you really want to be that guy or gal? Dive in headfirst. Life is short, and the MISHMASH FLÜT LÜNCHBOX is only two hundred bucks.