Illegal Pete’s restaurant teams up on queso-flavored cannabis vape pen

The Denver Post
Tue, Sep 19
Key Points
  • Colorado cannabis company, O.pen, has created a marijuana vape pen inspired by the queso at local Tex-Mex chain Illegal Pete's.
  • The pen uses a strain of cannabis called UK Cheese and is available on National Queso Day (Sept. 20) for $37 at dispensaries.
  • Purchasing the pen also comes with a coupon for free chips and queso from Illegal Pete's.
  • The pen will be available through Halloween, but afterwards, O.pen will still sell the UK Cheese vape without the free food offer.

There are myriad ways to celebrate National Queso Day (Sept. 20), whether you use this culinary delicacy as a dip, a dollop or a full-on smothering agent. Thanks to one Colorado cannabis company, locals will be able to enjoy queso in a new way – by smoking it.

Denver-based company O.pen recently teamed up with local Tex-Mex chain Illegal Pete’s to create a marijuana vape pen inspired by the restaurant’s signature side. According to O.pen spokesperson Brittany Hallet, the oil in the Illegal Pete’s Queso pen gets its well-aged flavor from a strain of cannabis called UK Cheese, a sativa-leaning hybrid that boasts “euphoric” effects.

The pen, which costs $37, hits dispensary shelves on Friday to coincide with National Queso Day. Those who buy it also get a coupon for free small chips and queso (retail value $4.29) redeemable at any Illegal Pete’s location in the state.

“Food and marijuana go well together, so we felt this is nice harmony,” Hallet said.

When O.pen approached Pete Turner, founder and president of Illegal Pete’s, with the idea for this cheesy collab, Turner thought “it was genius.” While he hasn’t yet had an opportunity to try the vape pen, several staff members told Turner it resembles the restaurant’s dip.

Illegal Pete’s queso is a dank mix of three cheeses – cheddar, Monterrey jack and a processed, Velveeta-like yellow cheese – hot sauce, pickled jalapeños, jalapeño juice, green chiles, tomatoes and milk.

Those looking to compare and contrast the flavor profiles can do so while the pen is available through Halloween. Thereafter O.pen will still sell the UK Cheese vape, but it will not come with free chips and queso. Dip and dab while you can.

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