Missouri marijuana sales slip in August, but Montana sets monthly record

Key Points
  • Legal marijuana sales in Missouri declined by 3.4% in August, with decreases in both adult-use and medical marijuana sales.
  • Missouri's August sales totaled $119 million, with $97 million in adult-use sales and $22 million in medical marijuana sales.
  • Controversy surrounding the Missouri market arose in August due to state authorities taking action against hundreds of medical marijuana businesses.
  • In contrast, Montana experienced a record high in monthly legal cannabis sales, reaching nearly $28.7 million in August, a 0.5% increase from July.

Two marijuana markets saw sales go different directions in August.

Monthly sales of legal marijuana in Missouri shrank slightly to $119 million, with month-over-month declines in both adult-use and medical marijuana sales.

But in Montana, monthly legal cannabis sales reached a record high.

Missouri’s $119 million figure for August represents a 3.4% decrease from July’s $123.2 million sales total, according to data posted by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).

The August figure includes $97 million in monthly adult-use sales (down from $98.7 million in July) and $22 million of medical marijuana sales (down from $24.5 million in July).

Cumulative Missouri adult-use and MMJ sales since 2020 are approaching $1.5 billion, according to the DHSS data.

The Missouri market was beset by controversy in August, when state authorities:

Meanwhile, Montana’s monthly total of nearly $28.7 million in cannabis sales represents a 0.5% increase over July, according to state Department of Revenue figures.

The August sales total includes roughly $23.7 million in adult-use sales (up from $23.5 million in July) and just under $5 million in medical marijuana sales (down slightly from July).

Cumulative sales for both of Montana’s legal marijuana markets have exceeded $516.2 million since January 2022, when the state launched its adult-use market.