Can I fly with weed? Can the TSA do something even between two legal states?

Merry Jane
Mon, Dec 18
Key Points
  • Cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, making it illegal to have it on you during air travel.
  • Even if you're flying from a state where cannabis is legal to another legal state, federal law still prohibits bringing it on board.
  • Medical marijuana users are also subject to federal law and should find alternative options for their medical needs when flying.
  • While airport enforcement of cannabis varies by state, it's best to stay informed and avoid flying with cannabis to avoid potential fines or legal trouble.

You might see cannabis everywhere- where you are coming from and where your destination is- so why not just bring some for the ride?

The Big Boss: Federal Law

First off, at the federal level, cannabis is still a no-go. It’s on the list of Schedule I drugs, making it illegal to have it on you during air travel. The TSA guys? They’re not exactly looking for your stash, but if they find it, they have to call the cops. This is where things get weird as your local police might not do anything after it gets reported to them- but don't risk it! This is not legal advice and we are not lawyers- and if you don't want to pay for a lawyer just buy when you get there!

State by State – A Mixed Bag

States are all over the place with their weed laws. Some are cool with it, some not so much. But here’s the kicker: even if you're jetting off from a chill state to another one, federal law says “nope” to bringing cannabis on board. Airspace is federal territory!


Medical Marijuana Users, Listen Up!

Got a medical card for cannabis? That’s great for on the ground, but once you’re up in the air, it’s a different story. Federal law still applies, so you need to figure out something else for your medical needs when you're flying.

What If You Get Caught?

This is where it gets a bit fuzzy. In states where cannabis is legal, airport cops might not make a big deal if they find a small amount on you. But it's not a guarantee. You could still face fines or worse, depending on where you are and how much you have on you. 

Tips for the High-Flyer

  1. Know Your States: Check the laws where you’re leaving from and going to.
  2. Federal Law Rules the Skies: Even if your state is cool with cannabis, federal law isn’t. No flying with your stash.
  3. Medical Needs? Plan Ahead: Talk to your doctor and look into alternatives for your trip.
  4. Stay In the Know: Cannabis laws are always changing. Keep updated to avoid trouble.


The Take Home

In short, flying with cannabis in the U.S.? Not a great idea. While the vibes vary from state to state, the feds still say no. Stay safe, stay informed, and maybe leave your green friends at home.