Houseplant Coffee Offers Non-Infused Roasts with Cometeer

High Times
Mon, Feb 12
Key Points
  • Houseplant, founded by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Michael Mohr, has collaborated with Cometeer to create a limited collection of coffee.
  • The two available roasts are named "Bean There Done That" and "Get Roasted," with flavors such as peach and dark chocolate.
  • While the coffee is not cannabis-infused, Cometeer's unique process allows for a barista-quality cup of coffee in seconds.
  • Other brands, such as Willie's Remedy and Lavender Coffee Boutique, offer cannabis-infused coffee options for those interested.

On Feb. 5, Houseplant founders Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Michael Mohr announced that they collaborated with Cometeer to create a limited collection of coffee. Two roasts are currently available, including flavors named “Bean There Done That” and “Get Roasted.” The former is an Ethiopian medium roast that showcases sweeter flavors such as peach, sweet tea, and orange, which Cometeer describes as a shining example of the flavors that Ethiopian coffee is famous for. The latter is a Mexican dark roast that includes flavors such as dark chocolate, cashew, and baking spice, that creates a Mexican hot chocolate-like experience.

These two coffee flavors aren’t cannabis infused, but Cometeer prides itself in its unique coffee-making process. The capsules can be melted in hot or cold water, and claims that “a freshly roasted, barista-quality cup of coffee is achievable in seconds.”

Mohr said in a press release that Cometeer and Houseplant have a lot in common. “Houseplant exists to popularize a lifestyle that embraces contemporary cannabis culture by offering a breadth of products for people’s homes and daily lives. Alongside cannabis, very few products graduate to become a ritual and take an active role in creating memorable moments. As we acknowledge and celebrate all the ways that coffee enhances our own lives, Houseplant Coffee was a natural next step for us to bring to our customers,” Mohr said. “We couldn’t have chosen a better launch partner than Cometeer—we were thrilled to discover a team that brings such passion and innovation to coffee.”

Goldberg also commented on how cannabis and coffee go hand-in-hand. “From where we sit, coffee and cannabis are the perfect pair,” Goldberg said. “Our first smoke of the day gets our creativity flowing and brings a sense of calm, while our morning coffee gives us energy and focus. Our goal with Houseplant Coffee by Cometeer is to provide that same sweet balance to both cannabis and caffeine enthusiasts alike. If they are one and the same, like us, all the better!”

Even Cometeer CEO and co-founder Matt Roberts saw the connections between the two brands, although he didn’t mention cannabis consumption. “We were immediately drawn to Houseplant, another company focused on creating carefully developed, top-quality experiences at home,” said Roberts. “We easily found common ground testing and tasting with Seth and Evan, who quickly revealed themselves to be just as obsessed with coffee as we are, and landed on these two roasts that exceeded our high expectations. Now, we’re excited for Houseplant fans to experience the magic of Cometeer for the first time—a company focused on incredibly delicious coffee made impossibly convenient.”

Rogen didn’t provide a comment in the press release, but did appear in a short social media video advertisement about the Houseplant x Cometeer collaboration. “At Houseplant we believe that before you bake, you must wake. And there’s no better way to wake than drinking coffee,” Rogen said. “And that’s why we partnered with Cometeer to bring you our favorite specialty coffees brewed for you, flash-frozen, to capture every molecule of delicious flavor,” he explained before taking a sip. “Houseplant coffee from Cometeer—it’s real fucking good.”

Rogen also told The Hollywood Reporter how he and the Houseplant team love creating unique items. “With Houseplant, we always wanted to make a company where we can dive into the things that we were really personally passionate about and excited about beyond movies and television,” said Rogen. “It started with weed-based things, but we very quickly started selling records and vinyl. We very quickly found that we kind of built an infrastructure to just explore things that we generally loved and were excited by. And coffee is something that I drink all day, every single day. I drink a crazy amount of coffee.”

Mohr chimed in, explaining that Rogen probably drinks anywhere between six to eight cups of coffee each day.

For those who prefer to consume cannabis within their coffee, there are other brands out there. Willie’s Remedy, from musician Willie Nelson, makes CBD-infused K-Cups, as well as 250 mg CBD dark roast and medium roast coffee. The brand called House of Jane also offers a few CBD-based coffee, as well as delta-8 THC K-Cups as well. Brands like Strava offer multiple roasts, all infused with either 4 mg, 10 mg, or 20 mg hemp-derived CBD.

High Times got an inside look at the up-and-coming CBD coffee and wellness brand, Lavender Coffee Boutique, last summer. Founder Lindsey Sozio explained the benefits of adding CBD to your daily routine. “I like the results of it. I just always thought since I started drinking it that, you know, I felt this calm focus, and I’m very productive on the days that I have CBD coffee. I’m like ready to go,” she told High Times.

Lavender Coffee Boutique currently offers its own medium roast and dark roasts with or without CBD. Sozio explained her early plans to open a café for customers to enjoy coffee and promote wellness in their daily lives. “The goal of the store is to create an environment where people can come in who are curious about CBD, or they just want a really good cup of coffee,” she said. “So if you’re curious about CBD, and you want to come in, and it’s a high end luxurious space that you actually want to spend time in.”

Sozio opened up the physical café at 1219 South Pearl St., in Denver, Colorado last November. The storefront now offers specialty coffee, baked goods, and also sells a variety of CBD wellness products to help customers promote health and calm in their daily lives.