Ultra Nourishing Body Cream


Our soothing ultra rich Manuka honey-based body cream is infused with Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and a subtle hint of Citrus Acid helps transport your skin.  This Refreshingly soothing, thicker cream absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling hydrated and healthy.  

Ultra luxurious easy to use, when we say give us a squeeze to show your skin some love- we mean it, it's a must have in your Skincare tool box.

Cannuka Ultra Nourishing Body Cream is delightful smooth, and hydrates all skin types for hours.  Gentle enough for every day use for supple, well nourished skin, this cream is essential for year-round beautiful healthy-looking skin.  It also helps to soothe sunburns in the summer, and deeply moisturized dryness in the winter.